Department of Neurobiology, University of Osnabrück

Teaching Program

"Program winter term 2017/2018"
"Program summer term 2017"

Bachelor and Master Theses

"List of Bachelor theses"
"List of Diploma and Master theses"

University-School partnership

The Department participates in the "NaT-Working" project, a University-School partnership in Osnabrück and surroundings. We offer two programs that have been developed together with the Fürstenberg-Gymnasium in Recke:

"Synapsen und Drogen (German)"
"Lernen und Gedächtnis (German)"

"Cooperation with the Fürstenberg-Gymnasium in Recke"

The Department organizes and performs continuing education for teachers ("Neurobiologie macht Schule"):

"Lehrerfortbildung, Osnabrück 2014 (German)"
"Lehrerfortbildung, Emsdetten 2015, Marl 2016 (German)"