Department of Neurobiology, University of Osnabrück

Teaching Program

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the precautions for COVID-19, there will be no face-to-face teaching from the Department of Neurobiology in summer term 2020. The lectures will be available as audio-commented slide presentations (mp4 format) and uploaded in StudIP. Seminars are held as virtual conferences (BigBlueButton). Additional teaching material for lectures, exercise questions and material for the tutorial  can be found on the homepage of the Department of Neurobiology (link: teaching material) and in StudIP. Information on practical trainings will be given in due course.

"Program winter term 2019/2020"
"Program summer term 2020"

Description of the content of the neurobiology modules:
"Grundmodul Neurobiologie (Grundlagen der Neurobiologie; in German)"
"Änderungen der Organisation des Grundmoduls Neurobiologie im SS2020"
"Erweiterungsmodul Neurobiologie (Prinzipien der Neurobiologie - Molekulare und zelluläre Grundlagen; in German)"
"Master Module Neurobiology (Development, Functional Systems, Diseases, in English)"
"Modifications of the organization of the Master Module Neurobiology during SS2020"

The Department participates in the yearly Summer School “Biomembranes & Cellular Microcompartments”.

Bachelor and Master Theses

"List of Bachelor theses"
"List of Diploma and Master theses"

University-School partnership

The Department participates in the "NaT-Working" project, a University-School partnership in Osnabrück and surroundings. We offer two programs that have been developed together with the Fürstenberg-Gymnasium in Recke:

"Synapsen und Drogen (German)"
"Lernen und Gedächtnis (German)"

"Cooperation with the Fürstenberg-Gymnasium in Recke"

The Department organizes and performs continuing education for teachers ("Neurobiologie macht Schule") and participates in the "Forschungsbörse" of the Ministry of Science and Education (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF).